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Mas Cabanyes · History

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Mas Cabanyes is a manor house built in 1568, as denoted on the heraldic shield on the façade.

It is one of the few remaining Renaissance-style private buildings in Catalonia and has been identified as a Cultural Asset of National Interest by the regional government. It is a fortified country house

Presided over by a large door with a fine lintel, crowned by a stone carving of King Charles I of Spain and V of the Holy Roman Empire.

The monarch stayed in the house during a hunting match and, in gratitude for the hospitality he received, the king granted permission to build turrets on the four corners of the house, a special favour awarded to very few noble families.

“Mas Cabanyes is one of the most important country houses in the district; its façade is magnificent and finely built, and the entire house has remarkable architectural charm.”

Jordi Casas, Journalist

The house was under the jurisdiction of the Castle of Burriac and for eighteen generations it belonged to the Cabanyes.

A very important family in the local area. Mas Cabanyes lies near the Argentona River among extensive pine forests, most of which used to be crop fields.

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