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The space for your best memories

Mas Cabanyes, located between forests and meadows transpires history

All of it is intended to provide well-being to guests. Every decorative element, every piece of furniture, every distribution of the spaces has been decided with the idea of ​​providing elegance and functionality.

The garden, dotted with fountains and protected by a wall crowned by thick cypress trees, is the right setting for any event. The ‘Era’, under the shade of a monumental plane tree and located in front of the façade of the Manor House, is another beautiful corner to celebrate an intimate ceremony or a cocktail.

The interior of the noble house, with its spectacular fireplace and thick stone walls, can provide shelter, if necessary, for events initially planned outdoors. It is also a passage area to reach the Stables, an open, bright and minimalist space that offers great views of the garden and has separate areas for rest, banquet and disco, as well as rooms for rest of the bride and groom and their parents.


Behind the entrance, past the large car park, is a cozy and rustic Era, covered by the cool shade of a 500-year-old plane tree.

It’s an ideal space for any type of event.




380 guest type proposal


The building has a chill out area, separated by wooden screens that allow you to create different environments thanks to its adjustable slats.

This is followed by the disco space, which can also be used for presentations or projections. Then there is the zone for tables with individual dimmer lights and splendid views of the garden and the house.

It also has one of the best-prepared and most complete kitchens in order to offer the highest quality service.




330 guest type proposal

Manor House

The manor house dates back to the 16th century and has great historic and aesthetic value. The building has solid stone walls with vaulted arches.

It boasts a large vestibule and bright, spacious rooms suitable for various events, which can also be used if bad weather prevents parties from being held outdoors.




100 guest type proposal


Beyond the cypress hedge, the green garden of Mas Cabanyes estretches out towards the pinewoods surrounding the estate. All the views from the garden are spectacular as we are surrounded by the 70 hectares of land that belong to Mas Cabanyes, without neighbors and without noise.

The 1,000 m2 of perfectly manicured lawn and the elegant fountains that are distributed throughout the space, are the perfect setting for wedding ceremonies or for a spectacular aperitif or dinner.




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